What We Do

Turning tire treads into greener threads. We recycle end-of-life tires, weaving them into a sustainable future for our planet and people.


Collection and sorting

We're not just tire recyclers, we're environmental storytellers. We transform discarded treads into valuable resources, weaving a web of sustainability for our planet and people.

  • Collection: Our reach extends far and wide. We collect used tires from a variety of sources
  • Sorting: Not all tires are created equal. We meticulously sort them based on:
    • Size: From petite car tires to mighty truck behemoths.
    • Type: Passenger vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, each with unique properties.
    • Condition: Some ready for a full makeover, others destined for specific roles.

This careful categorization ensures each tire finds its perfect second act, maximizing efficiency and resource recovery


We don't just collect and sort tires, we give them a superhero transformation at our state-of-the-art processing facility!

  • The Shredding Symphony
    • Hammer Mills: These steel-fanged beasts chomp tires into chunks of various sizes, depending on their destiny.
    • Granulators: Think of them as tire confetti machines, producing a vibrant spectrum of rubber crumb.
  • The Cryogenic Freeze Frame
    • Brrr-illiant Innovation: Liquid nitrogen takes center stage, chilling tires until they're as brittle as snowflakes.
    • Pulverized to Perfection: Specialized grinders then turn these frozen giants into a fine, powdery wonderland.
  • The Pyrolysis Playground
    • Heat Seekers: In oxygen-free chambers, intense heat dances with tires, unlocking hidden treasures.
    • Oil, Gas, and Carbon Black Bonanza: This thermal tango yields valuable resources like fuel, gas, and the ever-important carbon black.
  • Separation Station: From One to Many: Our sorting prowess extends beyond the initial tire categories. We meticulously separate the transformed components:
    • Rubber Crumb: From coarse chunks to fine powder, each size finds its perfect purpose.
    • Steel Belts: These recycled warriors rise again as building reinforcements, tools, and more.
    • Textile Fibers: Nylon and polyester threads get a new lease on life in textiles, composites, and beyond.

So, what started as discarded tires becomes a vibrant ecosystem of resources, ready to build, fuel, and enrich our world


Transformation and use

Our processing facility is a hub of creativity, where recycled tire components shed their old identities and embrace glorious new beginnings. Here's where waste gets a wardrobe chang

  • Rubber Crumb
    • Paving the Way : Sturdy roads and sidewalks rise from the ashes of tires, whispering stories of sustainability with every step.
    • Playground Paradise: Laughter takes flight on vibrant rubber surfaces, where even falls become soft adventures.
    • Runner's Delight: Running tracks pulsate with recycled energy, propelling athletes towards greener goals.
    • Asphalt with Attitude: Roads infused with rubber crumb sing a symphony of durability and eco-friendliness.
    • Molded Marvels: From traffic cones to gym mats, rubber crumb lends its strength and resilience to countless creations.
  • Steel Belts
    • Construction's Cornerstone: Buildings stand tall, reinforced by the unyielding spirit of recycled steel belts.
    • Furniture's Backbone: Chairs, tables, and shelves gain unwavering support from these reincarnated warriors.
    • Tools with Teeth: Wrenches, pliers, and saws gleam with the repurposed might of steel belts, ready to tackle any challenge.
  • Textile Fibers
    • Cozy Comfort: Insulation batts snuggle homes in warmth, crafted from recycled tire fibers.
    • Carpet Cushioning: Every footstep feels luxurious on carpets padded with resilient, eco-friendly fibers.
    • Groundwork Champions: Geotextiles woven from tire threads strengthen slopes, protect soil, and whisper tales of environmental responsibility.
  • Pyrolysis Power
    • Energy Unleashed: Tire-derived fuel becomes a potent alternative, powering homes and industries with reduced reliance on fossil fuels.
    • Heat that Heals: Recycled gas finds its purpose in furnaces and boilers, warming bodies and hearts with a sustainable touch.

Environmental and social benefits

Our commitment to tire recycling isn't just about transforming waste, it's about weaving a tapestry of positive impacts for our planet and our people.

  • Environmental Guardians
    • Landfill Liberation: Each recycled tire is a victory against overflowing landfills, preventing soil and water contamination and preserving precious space for future generations.
    • Resource Revolution: We breathe new life into discarded materials, reducing reliance on virgin rubber and steel extraction, and minimizing the environmental footprint of production.
    • Green Generation: From energy-saving products to reduced emissions, our innovations contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet for all.
  • Social Champions
    • Job Creators: Our commitment to sustainability fuels economic growth, creating new jobs in recycling, manufacturing, and related sectors.
    • Community Champions: We partner with local communities, promoting tire disposal awareness and supporting environmental education initiatives.
    • Public Health Protectors: By eliminating tire breeding grounds for mosquitoes and fire hazards, we contribute to safer, healthier communities.

Our mission at Dashmesh Group isn't just about turning a profit, it's about weaving a legacy of responsibility. We believe that every recycled tire is a stepping stone towards a greener future, one where waste becomes a resource, jobs bloom from innovation, and communities thrive in harmony with our planet.


Beyond waste, opportunity blooms. Reimagine resources with Dashmesh Group's innovative recycling and processing. Turn tyres into playgrounds, plastics into fuel, and waste into a sustainable future

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