Dashmesh, known for its commitment to sustainability, proudly introduces Reclaim Sheet. This incredible material is crafted from recycled tires and discarded rubber products, representing not just a resource, but a revolutionary approach to sustainability.

Let's explore the fascinating world of Reclaimed Rubber Sheet, uncovering its benefits, specifications, and hidden potentials.


  • DHT-110 (High tensile 11mpa)
  • DHT-90 (High tensile 9mpa)
  • DHT-70 (High tensile 7mpa)
  • DHT-60 (High tensile 6mpa)
  • D-SF (Superfine)
  • D-44 (Medium)
  • D-55 (Fine)

Reclaimed Rubber Sheet: Transform Your Projects with Eco-Friendly Rubber Innovation

  • Environmental Friendly: Crafted from recycled tires and rubber products, Reclaim Sheet reduces waste and promotes sustainability.
  • Cost-effective: Reclaim Sheet is also good for your wallet. Offers cost savings compared to traditional materials, making it an economical choice for various projects.
  • Versatile Performance: Maintains durability and performance, suitable for a wide range of applications from flooring to industrial components.

Dashmesh Group ensures consistent performance and environmental consciousness:

  • Different Kinds: Reclaim Rubber Sheet comes in natural and synthetic types, each with its own strengths. The tough stuff is good for heavy work, while the finer kind is better for lighter jobs.
  • Different Grades: Inside each type, there are different grades. The tougher grades are for big tasks, and the softer ones are for smaller jobs.
  • Testing: Before it's used, Reclaimed Rubber Sheet goes through tests to make sure it's good enough. These check how strong it is, how long it lasts, and how well it works over time.

  • Did you know that Reclaimed Rubber Sheet has been around since the 1840s? Charles Goodyear, the inventor of vulcanized rubber, experimented with recovering rubber from scrap shoes.
  • Every year, about 6 million tons of used tires are thrown away worldwide. Reclaim Sheet helps by recycling rubber, keeping a lot of this waste out of landfills.
  • It's added to asphalt, making roads stronger and quieter for everyone who travels on them.

Reclaimed Rubber Sheet is not just a material, it's a symbol of progress. It represents our commitment to environmental responsibility, resource conservation, and sustainable innovation. Join us in shaping a sustainable future with Reclaimed Rubber Sheet.

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