PCR Shreds by Dashmesh Group, a leading name in rubber manufacturing committed to sustainability. PCR Shreds are an innovative product made from post consumer recycled plastic. PCR Shreds offer a practical and eco-freindly solution for various industries.

Our PCR Shreds are carefully crafted from post-consumer plastic waste like bottles, packaging, and containers. After thorough cleaning, sorting, and shredding, this waste turns into uniform, high-grade plastic flakes. These flakes come in different sizes suitable for different uses, from fine granules to larger chip-like pieces.

PCR Shreds : Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic Shreds

  • Reduced Reliance on Virgin Plastic: By using PCR Shreds, you conserve natural resources and reduce landfill waste.
  • Closed-Loop Recycling: PCR Shreds promote a circular economy by recycling plastic into new products.
  • Improved Product Sustainability: PCR Shreds enhances your product's eco-friendly profile and strengthens your brand's sustainability efforts.
  • Cost-Effective Performance: PCR Shreds offer competitive advantages by lowering costs and reducing environmental impact.

  • Versatile Sizes and Grades: Our PCR Shreds come in various sizes and grades tailored to specific requirements and applications.
  • Consistent Performance: We prioritize quality to deliver PCR Shreds that consistently perform to expectations.
  • Environmental Compliance: All our products adhere to stringent environmental regulations, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and responsible manufacturing practices.

  • Every ton of PCR Shreds used replaces the need for virgin plastic, saving valuable resources and reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Choosing PCR Shreds supports local recycling initiatives and promotes resource recovery in your community.

Dashmesh Group's PCR Shreds are more than just plastic flakes; they represent a commitment to a sustainable future.
Partner with us to redefine plastic waste and build a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

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