TBR Shreds, a unique material made from truck and bus tires (TBR), introduced by Dashmesh Group- a company that cares about the environment.

Mix of black and gray tire pieces, each showing signs of their previous life. These TBR Shreds are processed and sized for good performance, ranging from bigger chips to smaller granules. They're strong and useful for many industries.

TBR Shreds: Recycled Truck and Bus Tire Rubber Shreds

  • Good for the Environment: TBR Shreds help reduce waste by turning old tires into useful materials, which is better for the planet.
  • Less Waste: Using TBR Shreds means fewer tires end up in landfills, which helps protect nature and saves valuable resources.
  • Strong and Long-lasting: TBR Shreds are tough and can handle tough conditions without wearing out quickly.
  • Saves Money: They are a cost-effective option and also help reduce the impact on the environment compared to traditional materials.
  • Supports Recycling: TBR Shreds show how old materials can be used again, which is good for the environment and reduces the need for new resources.

  • Versatile Sizes and Grades: TBR Shreds are available in a range of sizes and grades, customized to meet specific project needs and applications.
  • Reliable Performance: We ensure top quality to deliver TBR Shreds that consistently perform well, meeting or exceeding expectations for durability and functionality.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Our TBR Shreds adhere to strict environmental standards, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and responsible recycling practices.

  • Oil Conservation: Repurposing one ton of TBRs (truck and bus tires) saves over 7 barrels of oil, helping reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Weather Resilience: TBR Shreds are tough and can handle extreme temperatures and weather conditions, making them perfect for outdoor uses like landscaping and road surfacing.

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