We prevent tyres from clogging landfills, polluting waterways, and degrading air quality.


We recycle all tyre components, including crumb rubber, into the economy as raw materials.


We assess the scrap tyres we collect and resale high-quality ones on the secondary market.

Our Vision

To create an image for “Dashmesh Group” as a global brand that evokes a sense of Awe, Trust and Inspiration by setting new standards for the design and development of rubber and relatable products.

Our Mission

To promote Initiative, Innovation and Teamwork by providing Recyclable, Premium quality and Cost-effective products. Expand ourselves into eco-friendly ventures that will enable us to conserve resources, attain market leadership and generate substantial employment thereby providing consistent value to our business partners, employees and our nation.


Beyond waste, opportunity blooms. Reimagine resources with Dashmesh Group's innovative recycling and processing. Turn tyres into playgrounds, plastics into fuel, and waste into a sustainable future

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